Sunday, my bestest friend has been to see me, Lilli-Jo, her mammy and daddy, I managed to walk and show Lilli-Jo the playroom, I miss her and my other friend, Tegan.
Not much doing today, very quiet. We've had loads of good nurses, the doctors still keep playing games with me, still got a bit of a headache but not as bad. I had a picture taken of my head again to see if Mr. Lumpy was gone and it was ok.
Monday, just seen the school teacher that belongs to the hospital, been playing some games, it was good playing in the playroom. Feeling loads better, still got a bad head though not as bad.
Tuesday, two of the nurses let me soak them yesterday and I took some medicine by my mouth. It was good, might be going home tomorrow.
Wednesday, going home today, my doctor says I can but I have to go to another hospital for treatment.
Been a few weeks since I came out of hospital, had a few headaches, but nothing much. I've seen Lilli-Jo a lot. Tegan can't come, she is poorly. Mammy says people with colds can't come near me as I might get really poorly.
Wednesday 24th, have got up at a horrible early time to start prep work, They're making me a mask for when I have my treatment. When we got there met Mairi & Lynn.  Tim put me to sleep, they gave me a front piece of my mask so I can paint it.
Thursday, up again, second of my mask is getting made today. We went through a big tunnel, much quicker to get to the hospital. I have to go to the other hospital later to get my eyes tested, as Mr. Lumpy can affect my eyes, went into the big treatment room today, it was scary and we played games, all the people were really nice.
Friday 26th, have a picture of my head today, Mairi and me ran down the corridor to see who could be fastest. When I woke up there was a little boy there too, who has a Mr. Lumpy in his stomach, he was starting prep.
On Monday 29th I am going to have a (Hickman) line put in my chest, so all my medicine can go through that, I'll be in hospital about three days mammy says, then I start my treatment on 5th November. I will tell you the rest of my story later.
It's Monday 1st October, today I feel poorly, my heads hurting again, mammy says I'm going to have a bit of a sleep soon whilst the doctors take a look at my head.Their are loads of nice nurses here, going to sleep now, seems like I've just gone to sleep and they're waking me up. Don't like this, I just want to sleep, my doctor tells mammy that I'm going back to sleep later today, they're going to take Mr. Lumpy out.
Mammy tells me it's Tuesday now, where did Monday go to. My head hurts still, but it's all over now, not just at the front. I'm all wired up, I'm not in my ward, mammy tells me I'm in icu, a special ward, all I know is I want a wee and the nurse keeps telling me to do it, but I can't, I might wet the bed.
I don't know how long I've been in here, just keep sleeping, all my family have been in to see me. Bit more awake now, They're taking me back to my ward, all the wires that I don't need have been taken out now and I can wee properly now.
The nice icu nurses are taking me and mammy back to my ward. My head is still hurting but not as bad.
Wednesday, woke up and still got pain in my head, mammy says Mr. Lumpy has gone, two special nurses are trying to get me to move my head and shoulder which hurts cause I've been laid funny, it really hurts and I feel dizzy when I sit up, I don't like it. They washed me and got me changed, even my bed feels a bit better now.
Thursday, Loads of doctors came in to see me, more prodding and poking, loads of visitors came to see me, those nurses came back with a special chair for me to sit in. Dizzy again but my arm is feeling better now, my head still hurts though.
Friday, had a little walk today, just to the toilet and back, felt really dizzy and tired too, but I did it. Today mammy found out that I need some special treatment, so that Mr. Lumpy doesn't come back anymore.
Saturday, feel a lot better today, did some painting yesterday, doing some more walking today. Still got drips in for medicine, better than in the mouth.