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Woke up today, Tuesday 18th September 2012, heads bad and feeling sick, bad headaches for four days now

It's now Sunday 23rd September 2012. No headache today, tired though, tried to play outside with friends.

Monday 24th September 2012, went to school today but was sent home, heads bad and I was sick all over everything. Went back to the doctors Tuesday 25th and was told it was a bug again.

Wednesday 25th September, went to school and came home with a bad head. Thursday 26th September, I didn't go to school today, woke up with a bad head and feeling sick.

Friday 28th September 2012, woke up, felt okay, went to school, at dinner time my head hurt and mammy came and took me home. I was sick and mammy took me to the doctor again. The doctor sent me straight to Hospital, I was kept in overnight and felt a lot better.

Saturday 29th September 2012, I saw a lot of doctors yesterday and today they're doing lots of poking and prodding. A little man came in and tapped my head all over, next I was put in a big polo mint to have a picture taken of my head. Mammy was trussed up like a chicken. I am now in an ambulance going very fast with blue lights flashing and sirens wailing. It's cool. Mammy says we're going to another Hospital. Just arrived and it is dark and the hospital is very big. Going to sleep now, they are giving me medicine through my hand, it's better. The machines beep all night.

Sunday 30th September 2012, more tests, prodding and poking, feeling a bit better. Mammy says there's a little man in my head making me ill, but, they're going to make him go away tomorrow.

This is my story
Joshua David Dawson age 5

I started feeling poorly mid August 2012 with headaches, I didn't like to tell mam as I don't like medicine. Eventually, mam took me for an eye test, where I was given some super hero glasses for the tv and for book work. They did help a bit, but the headaches kept coming. On August bank holiday we went to the new sensory garden at the park, which was being opened that day, we spent a good afternoon playing and having fun. We finished off on the beach, but my head hurt, so I asked to go home, half way through the park I was sick. The headaches and sickness continued and the doctors told mammy it was a bug.

I went back to school on 6th September 2012. I was ok, no headaches or sickness. I was supposed to be at school today, Wednesday 12th September 2012, but I've been sick all weekend.
Mammy called the doctor and argued with him, my head really hurt and I couldn't lift it off the pillow without being sick. The doctor eventually came out to see me. They rushed me to North Tees Hospital in an ambulance, I continued being sick and my head really really hurt. I was put on a drip and the pain killer made me feel a little better. Mammy says it is Thursday and a lovely nurse called James makes me laugh.

Friday today, feel tons better, the pain is gone and I'm not being sick any more, mammy says I'm a horrible white colour though.

Saturday today and I can go home. Good feeling, great, no headaches or sickness for two days.