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You mean everythink to me my little star you've bin so brave love yah loads

big sister (steph)

Mammys little solider
i love you very much  x x x
Get better soon josh
i luf you 100 million

Lilli-Jo ♥♥♥
Get well soon little man

John & Joanne
x x x

karen young
Get well soon Josh you are a brave little boy lots of love Karen Carl xx
Karen Young
Get well soon Josh you are a brave little boy lots of love Karen Carl xx
Hope you get better soon miss you sooo much get well soon love Tegan xxx
Little man u r a proper star and you are going to have a great life.
Love from  The Welsh Clan – Russ, Andrea, charlotte , alex and James
Get well soon Josh, it was lovely to meet you and your family last week - I was the lady with the writing pad and you showed me your fake cat pooh! I sent the man to take your picture.
I know you will be very brave as you have your treatment this week.
Love from Tracy at the Hartlepool Mail xx
Hello Joshua, I hope you are feeling better soon love Eve xx

Lynn Hamilton

Get well soon little fella and enjoy lego land x

Hi Josh and Family.
My good friends back in Hartlepool told me about you last week. Im not sure I can join them in Movember! as my family currently live in Germany but to help in a small way we have made a paypal donation this evening. My 6 year old son Toby loves Lego so much he is even naughty and plays with it when he should be sleeping in bed! He would love to show you his Lego Star Wars collection one day, so Get Well Soon.
Very Best Wishes. John, Sarah, Toby and Zachary Ward. From Hartlepool but currently in Germany.
Hi Josh
Just wanted to drop by and say hi – You are a super brave little hooman and I wanted to say good luck for the rest of your treatments
I hope you get to legoland soon and I want to see lots of photos of you having fun
Love from “Cat” the Dog xxx
Hi Josh.

Get better soon,Thinking of you all! Enjoy your trip to Lego land Xx Mrs Swales
Good luck with reaching your dream Josh you sound like a very brave little boy
Joanne Sullivan xxx

I am mising you lots and your kisses and cudles.  Hope you are better very soon.
Lots of love
Louisa and family  xxxxx
Josh you are such a brave courageous little boy, we all love you to bits love aunty Josephine, sue, Kathy and baby JJ xxx
Thinking of you all at this very sad time , hope your better soon and have an amazing time in lego land florida love josh and jasmin nichol and family x x
Dear Josh,
I miss you every second of each minuet of every hour of each and every day. I love you little man. I know you haven't seen me for three years and i resent myself for it more than anything in my life. 
Words cannot express the worry and relief of which has overcome me after receiving such horrendous and hopeful news.
It's understood that you are receiving all the help you need from your mother, family and friends and the doctors of which saved your life.
I'm so thankful for all of these people around you. Helping you every step of the way.
I hope to see you as soon as i can my brother. Until that time, you must carry on being as strong as you have been and keep on smiling. The world is still yours to discover and the people within it.
I love you greatly Josh and every inch of my body and soul  is here for you and always will be.
With all my heart and love your big brother Ray xxx
Hello Josh
I Really enjoyed our afternoon playing chase the cat with the remote control car.
I was rubbish at building Lego but it was fun shame we couldn’t build anything but you never know next time we might.
Get well soon
Love Claire Ray and family
Dearest Josh although I haven't seen you in a while I think of you every day,words cannot explain how I'm feeling now however I know there are a lot of loving people around you at the moment and always will are a fighter and a survivor. I would like to take this opportunity and pass on my heartfelt thanks to each and everyone of you who are involved with Josh.kind regards Shaun xxxxx
Our brave brave josh u are like a son to us we love u sooooo much love uncle Mark and auntie Sandra xxxx
Hi little man what can I say except I love more than words can say we all do love aunty sanba xxxx
Hi Michaela and josh keep fighting little man thinking of u both Diane xxxx

Love u lots & lots. Just keep on fighting. You are in mine & granddad Keiths thoughts always. Hugs & kisses to you my love. Love from nan & granddad Keith. Xxxxx
Dear Josh,
We are unable to express the depth of feeling evoked by your story and are thinking of you. We hope that your Hickman Line is successfully fitted and that your treatment beginning 5 November makes you well enough to travel to Legoland.
Warm wishes from at Gus Robinson Developments Limited

much love to dear j xxx

Zoe Ball BBCR2

Dear Josh,
I hope that you are okay.  I hope that you come to school soon.
Love grace xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Grace’s joke for josh………. Does a cow eat mud no it eats milk hahahaha.
Josh…..Grace made up the joke for you, we hope you found it funny,  we did!
Hope you are feeling better soon, you are a very brave boy.
Love Graces mammy, daddy and her little sister Sophie, xxxxx

You're far stronger and braver than I'll ever be - l'd love to help get you to Lego land! Best wishes, Neil Jarrett x
Please pass on our best wishes to Josh from all of us at the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort.
Good luck with reaching your target josh hope u enjoy legoland you r a very brave boy thinking of u and your family
love from mark,Julie, little mark and big kisses from Princess Becky xxx
Hi Josh, I hope you are feeling ok I know you start your treatment today.  I miss the little chats with you and your mum at the school gates.
You, and your Mum are in my thoughts daily, and I hope this Christmas brings the answer to your Mums (and mine) prayers.
With lots of love Jean  (Eve's Nan)
Hi josh hope your soon feeling better you are a brave little boy.
Lots of love to you.
From aunty Diane and uncle Dave xx
Dear Josh,
I'm not sure whether it's your daddy who'll read this, or if it'll be you reading this. I just wanted to tell you that you're a really strong boy, and a hero to many others who are probably going through something similar.

I also wanted to take your mind off things, hopefully. I'm not sure how exciting treatments are in a hospital.

My name's Rose, and I'm 13 years old. I think Lego is really cool, because you can make many things! What types of lego do you like? Do you like the police stations, the airplanes or the themed ones? I personally prefere the police stations, because you can pretend to capture criminals and put them away! Do you like chocolate? I'll see if I can send you some things to help you feel better! I'm donating all my pocket money this month to you. £10.50 is going towards you, and I hope you enjoy whatever you get from it.

You're so brave, my little man, just like Superman, and Batman. You're a hero, my little solider. I'll never forget you, I can promise that! :D

If you want to, you can respond to this e-mail, and I'd love to talk to you! Just click the little 'reply' button at the top of the screen, and type what you want to say!

Get well soon,


Hi josh, hope ur ok, we miss u at school! Love max & cass cooper x x

I hope you are feeling better soon Josh. Hope to see you at school again soon. Lots of love from Joseph Parkinson and family
Hi Josh, I'm Sara and I'm from Spain, I hope you get better REALLY SOON!! I will tell all my friend your story for you to be able to go to Lego Land!! STAY STRONG
Hi it's Right Said Fred here!
We want to send you every good wish this November, we hope too that everything goes well over the coming weeks and months!!! Have a great Christmas too!
Love to you and all the family!
Richard and Fred.
I have a 5yr old son george and when I told him what you are going through and how brave you are his mouth hit the floor.. He doesn't think he could ever be as brave as you.. Myself my wife and my son george harrison want to send you all our best wishes and hope you have speedy recovery. And also that you get everything you want from santa. !
Good luck on ur treatments n hope u enjoy legoland. Keep strong n fightin young un xx

Claire xx
janet langan @janetlangan
Keep fighting Josh. Ypu are a brave little man love to you xxxxx

Trickytrev53 @trickytrev533
good luck young man

Lisa Gregory @GregoryOcean
goodluck josh x

Lord Sugar @Lord_Sugar
@UKCabbie no problem hope things go well

Shameme Adams @ShamemeAdams
@UKCabbie Oh poor little man (I saw Alan Sugar's RT). I have an illness too and so know it's really hard :(. Hope he gets his little dream!.
Best wishes brave little man....hope Santa brings you lots of lego !
Pat Bridge @PatsyBridge

Good luck with your fight Josh. I will keep my fingers crossed for you.
what a brave little boy you are josh and an inspiration to a lot of people, hope you have a speedy recovery and have a lovey christmas with ur family and friends!!!! X x x Natalie_o125
karen altringham
Hi josh .... Not long for christmas now and all the lovely things Santa is going to bring you xxx I hope you and your family have a wonderful time xxx loads of love karen and paul altringham xx
Robert Bell
Saw about Josh on the Paul Weller website.    I had a son who also got cancer at 5 - we had some hard times, but he is now 14 and doing well.   I left a small donation as your struggle really hit a chord.   Hope all goes well and you get the lad  to Florida.  Stick in there - give him some precious memories.
Praying you will get better soon and make it to Legoland, sweet Josh!
Stay strong. Thank You to Mr. Weller for supporting you and making
your story aware to us in the USA. Ginny, Atlanta GA
Thank you for taking the time to write. I was trying to give more but the conversion rate from Dollars to Pounds makes it difficult.
I wish Josh and his family the best. I'm sure they deserve to enjoy themselves and forget the difficult times they just went through. I'm glad Paul Weller sent a message to his fans via his email newsletter. Many of his fans, like me, have followed him since the late 1970's. His passion for music, his strength of character and sense of independence have been an inspiration to many so if we can give back to Paul and help Josh at the same time, it's a wonderful testament to the best that humans beings have to offer: that we inspire one another.
Thanks again for your message. Miss Frankie Colmane Los Angeles, CA, USA
Frankie Colmane
Read Josh' story via Paul Weller's newsletter. Wishing Josh the best, including a trip to Legoland.

Hi Josh,
Please get better x
Kev McGuire

Dear Josh,
My little unknown friend...I've read your story through the link from Paul Weller website.
I'm sure you're much braver than most men on earth!
You deserve a trip to Legoland and I'm very happy to support you with my donation.
Sorry, we don't have Legoland in Italy, otherwise you would be my guest :-)
All the best Josh! Ciao
Daniele "Dan" Rubertelli - Savona, Italy